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and america's birthday. a sneak peek at the local fourth of july celebration. "good morning washington at 5:00 a.m." begins now. live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. wakes a person up. >> that's right. >> good morning. the fourth of july. i am scott thuman. >> ijamsville nathan simpson -- cynne simpson. we will go to beverly farmer in moment, but adam caskey first. >> if the chance of scattered later thisms eveningn into the across the region. some of them may linger at time, especially saltatory. 75 degrees in the district this morning. frederick and winchester.
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partly cloudy. scattered afternoon storms around 3:00 northwest area, then moving southeast. a few of them could linger fireworks time. today.s the parkway near the airport picture. looks good. no. on 95 headed to springfield well. a lot of areas may have power issues and other including power lines down on route 9 in loudoun county. 287 is shut down between 704 in both directions.
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back to you. >> thank you. 5:01. tragedy when a bicyclist died in montgomery county. the national park service says that a 56-year-old was riding tree the canal path when a during last night's storm, near white's ferry. died.n name is not been released. holiday off means a data metro region. the heavy rain and high winds down tree limbs and power lines, leaving tens of thousands of people in the dark overnight. authorities had to evacuate the national mall, sending people scrambling. jummy olabanji has more. >> good morning. we are on roberts lane in arlington. it's pretty dark because these folks have been without power since yesterday's storm.
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allge tree and granted down across this neighborhood. we can show you video what it when the strong yesterday, bringing heavy rain, wind, and lightning. the national mall was evacuated. that delayed the test results for today's fourth of july concert on the mall. in arlington, trees went homes and on cars. like a mini-tornado blew through the neighborhood. airlines were down. there was debris down and trees everywhere. on the b-w parkway traffic was hours for several trees down on the road and people got al to remove the tree themselves. right now across our region a people are 10,000 still without power or this something the car companies are working through the store. olabanji, abc 7 news.
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it could be a long day. many of you sent us eye witness pictures from last night's storm. that fell in rain annapolis. a precursor. lightning is being blamed for fire the damage centered in mount airy, maryland. the fire broke out around a lot and:00 yesterday morning methodists apple church. s injured.ghter wa e blaze caused $150,000 in damage. services were held in nearby turkey yesterday. parishioners are vowing to rebuild. today is july 4. the 235th anniversary of america's founding. the metro region will mark independence day with parades and fireworks. >> the main attraction is "a fourth" on the national mall. preview.arter has a will have a little bit more later, actually.
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it's got to be a great day. it is. president obama and his are telling the white the southbration on lawn with his family. a barbecue and a concert as well good view of the fireworks. service members and their those invitedmong event.nd tonight's prince william and his wife day on prince island in canada. they will take part in a helicopter search and rescue plan and then the dragon boat race across the lake. they received a warm welcome in quebec. they encountered protesters get rid of the british monarchs the. 70 degrees. 5:05. major-ll ahead, classics, league baseball's all-star out.r is who is up for the d.c. 9?
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>> perfect night
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it's a sort of july. means parades and fireworks. looksething everyone d to each year in the capital region. goinglook and how that is to turn out.
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we go to brianne carter. >> for george and his family tore's only one place to be the fourth of july. >> the concert in the capital, notwould have to be insane to attend. a star-studded concert is on tap with big names such as s, steve martin, and others expected to perform. >> ♪ >> >> jimmy smits will host for the time. being in the nation's r this holiday is about much more than a show. >> i think about what the forward fathers put when they first wrote that document and what it all means.
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when you see the young people that come from walter reed in bethesda that have made sacrifices to keep those words in our minds, it puts it all in perspective for me. >> that perspective was shared visiting this weekend. it's wonderful. it's a great cultural link to see. there's so much diversity. it's overwhelming. culturalreat thing to see. it's muggy outside. uncomfortable. temperatures the on the weatherbug network to give you a selection. 72 degrees in herndon, 70 in
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culpeper. 69 in brandywine. .8 in bowie 91 is the high temperature for about 3:00 p.m. i expect under storms at time man in the request of the metro southward. --ing i expect thunderstorms at that time. most of the storms will be out by dusk. a lot a sunshine tomato. -- tomorrow. no accidents out of frederick, hyattstown, on toward the truck scales. no issues to report in
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montgomery or of prince george's .eltway volume has been light. , metro is theth way to get down because of all e activities, but traffic is light. looks light across the 14th street bridge. to savor that. 70 degrees. facebook's , how deal could make it even easier connect.e to >> if you think she's a line no slut, you'll start to look in a different light. woman: saving for our chd'd's college fund was getting expensive. n: yes it was.
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welcome back. 5:14. people across our region will thed the day cleaning up by lasteft behind night's deadly storm. they brought down trees and homes ands, damaging inving thousands of people dark. bicyclist died when a tree on him near white's ferry. there will be a number of parades and celebrations across region demark americas 235th birthday. one of the biggest events is the annual "capital fourth" celebration on the national mall. rehearsal lastss night. officials are trying to assess spill inrom an oil montana. burst, sending yellowstoneto the river. they're likely to recover just a oil.ion of that after six weeks of testimony
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more than 80 witnesses, the murder case is headed to the jury. the 25-year-old is charged with america are two-year-old daughter three years ago. e lawyers say the death was an accident. both sides made closing arguments on. -- on sunday. prosecutors portrayed her as a ying, selfish party girl who freered her daughter to ofelf of the burden motherhood. she decided the life she wanted was more important. >> the defense expert caylee died accidentally and that her grandfather disposed of the body. bring upd not molested hisat her
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daughter. if you hate her, if you think she's a lying, no good slut, thisl start to look at light.e in a different you will start to say, wait a maybe prime seeing s not i the tension was palpable. the defense called out the prosecution for laughing. judge immediately halted the proceedings to allow both sides review a blatant violation of the court's policy. >> if i appear to be smiling behind my hand, i apologize. >> i apologize for getting caught up in a moment. >> if it happens again, the remedy will be exclusion of that attorney from further participation. >> if convicted of first-degree murder, she could be sentenced death. this week marks the end of
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an era for american spaceflight. the space shuttle atlantis will around 11:30 on friday morning. when it does the, the space shuttle program will come to an d after 135 flights. atlantis will carry four astronauts to the international space station. transformers" robots are still attracting moviegoers. >> it's beautiful. the third film in the season was number one in the box office this weekend. was second. face time tongs facebook. hacked.e gets >> apple could be the latest target. group posted two dozen user
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passwords it said it apple's onlinef servers. be further attacks on apple. facebook and the sky will montevideo chatting service that submitted an increase skied usage and the amount of time people spend on facebook. google is one of the company's purchase google already owns youtube, could raise antitrust concerns. godaddy is being sold to a equity consortiums for two.billion -- 5 billion dollars -- $2.25 .illion dollar .>> natural fireworks
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>> that was yesterday afternoon. and in the overnight saturday. early sunday morning we had heavy rain. i had an inch of rain dust from morning storms in arlington. i did not get that much after that. have storms this afternoon and evening. we will break it down. here's a live look at the the bay. cloud cover hanging on, left storms from overnight in west virginia and the shenandoah valley. us look at the rainfall totals from yesterday. all northwest of the metro area, the highest accumulations. over two inches in monrovia. 1.8 in 10 states. 1.7 in other spots. 68 degrees in montgomery village
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theitism leftover action on screen, mainly far area,est of our metro southernral and of this shenandoah valley this morning. what's important is the cloud cover basically from eleanor 0 from illinois-- eastward to ohio. scattered thunderstorms trust in our area this afternoon and evening. battle drift southeast. southeast.l drift there could be an isolated, a passing storm around fireworks time. most of it will be over by then, degrees at that time. sun sign tomorrow, less humid.
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-- sunshine. northbound 95 is normal. light volume into a springfield. fairfax, there's a crash at braddock road. in virginia on route 9 in 704 andcounty between 207, that stretched about nine way in hamilton of power lines down. volume on the roosevelt bridge. maryland drivers are ok. we normally see lineups at new avenue, but it's .ooking good, moving at speed 71 degreesclock 22, outside. the pittsburgh pirates are around forg on the national mall, so they created their own show on sunday. bombs bursting in air, coming up. an insiden "oprah,"
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look into all polygamous family, 4:00 on abc 7.
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there is the base hits in the game,run of belongs to the pirates. >> the first run and then the next seven. the nationals game on sunday was hand before most vanzetti been settled into their seats. jason martine
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2.e nationals loss, 10- they will play the cubs this afternoon. the rosters for baseball were released yesterday. clipper. is part of the votes as well. michael morse. >> the news continues at 5:30. >> firefighters lifted the order in new mexico now investigators know what blaze near assive r lab. >> celebrating the fourth of capital,he nation's beforeu need to know getting out the door. report.have a live
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>> adam
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. a mini-oked like our backyard. said, get out of fear. double dose of heavy rain high winds for the holiday weekend and a massive evacuation on the national mall. good morning, washington. it's monday, july 4. glad to have you along. am cynne simpson. i am scott thuman. check ofey has at the forecast. round of storms is possible later on today.
5:30 am
we are not expecting that a and a stormsevere outbreak. lightning.or the big threat later on today. the outdoor barbecue plans and be brieflyould disrupted by passing thunderstorms. outdoor barbecue plans and fireworks plans. a mixture of scattered clouds today. thisered storms afternoon, lasting into the evening. the storms will have time,shed by fireworks but a few isolated storms cannot out around that time. .0 degrees at 7:00 we're looking pretty good right now. in maryland, the beltway near central avenue, north of andrews light volume., the beltway in bethesda, no
5:31 am
problems. getting downtown to river road, no problems. a portion of florida avenue between third street and rhode island. cleared away a record for south dakota ave. -- public cleared away an accident before south dakota avenue on new york avenue. the severe storms turned deadly. the national park service says a year-old bicyclist was riding canal near white's ferry when a tree fell on him. the man died at the scene. he has not been identified. >> a fast-moving storm caused widespread damage. heavy rain and strong winds limbs andwn tree lines and forced a mass evacuation on the national mall. where hundreds of people brazil ford to watch capital fourth f
5:32 am
celebration. are off roberts lane in arlington. trees ande damaged power lines down. not the only place that m last night's storm. sunday night storm sent people on the for cover national mall. minutes the area was pounded with heavy rain, strong winds, and lightning. >> suddenly a huge storm blew tents away. >> police quickly evacuated the delaying the, today'shearsal for sports of july concert. -- fourth of july. neighbors in arlington were left stunned agassi power lines in the street, trees on cars, and
5:33 am
debris everywhere. >> it looks like a mini-tornado our backyard. >> down trees stop traffic on nearby george washington parkway. driver is tired of waiting took matters into their own hands. power is still out in this neighborhood where we are. all these homes behind us without power. t couple minutes detected with pepco and virginia .ominion power the numbers of people affected has dropped. less than 9000 people across our in maryland and virginia power.hout jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. >> if you want to see a slide a slide show the storm on to the tree falling on to bart lines sparked a mass of wildfire mexico that threatens the los
5:34 am
the fire and burned 121,000 acres. 19% contained right now. people were allowed to return home yesterday. a man is in custody after a deadly assault at a family cookout in gaithersburg. the demand began fighting saturday night at a home on court. 24-year-old brenden dashiell struck 24-year-old brenden dashiell in the head and many times. charged with second-degree murder. capital,ation's ofnniversary america's founding. carter is alive on the national mall with a preview can expect. good morning. >> good morning. have had a few people here.
5:35 am
there will be thousands of crowding the national mall today in a few hours. is a celebration. people, from near and far. the rate at 11:35. the concert at the capitol tonight. a lot people here last night for rehearsal. >> ♪ >> the star-studded event will by emmy award winner smits for a third year in a row. and a number of musical acts jordin.d concert at 8:00 tonight followed 9:10.eworks at there will be road closures day as well as checkpoints to get into e fireworks on the national mall. can and cannot
5:36 am
bring and all rules, log on to, 5:35. the 96 annual hot dog eating place at coneyke island your today. mayor bloomberg presided over weigh-in at city friday. contest will feature the first-ever women's title. e winners willemal each get $10,000. the competition is sponsored by dogs.'s hot >> you need that prize money just to recover. and pepco is small. 71 degrees. pepto bizmol. >> and an inside look at the pentagon. >>
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e boardwalk in n city, maryland. surf enosis city. good morning, washington. coming up on 5:40 on this of july
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clouds overhead this morning be clearing the way. sun and clouds throughout the day. some outdoor plants could be byefly interrupted afternoon andthis evening. southern shenandoah valley still lingering areas of light quickly coming to an end. 73 in arlington, 69 in martinsburg. storms developing around 3:00 especially northwest of the area, then moving south and east. most of the storms will be over will combine fireworks time. a few isolated storms could be g on into the nighttime, especially south of the metro. 80 degrees at a time. highs. the low 90's-- wednesday through friday, highs .90'se day low slight sense of late-day storms
5:41 am
wednesday through friday. ofry light volume out hill and alexandria. hov restrictions lifted on the virginia today. hov lanes going northbound i-95 bridge atwards the 43 7:30, they will switch supposed southbound in order to facilitate folks leaving town making their way out from festivities. 395 past shirlington is what a, that'sking at added to the 14th street bridge. there's a crash at shirley gate at braddock road. and cleaning up the crash near a road island and third streets. is the time, 71 degrees
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welcome back. checking our top stories, many people across our regions are this for the july the damage and left y last night's of restaurants. damaged and thousands left without power. bicyclist died when a tree on him near white's ferry. day.oday's independence be no. parades and celebrations across the region holiday.he there was a dress rehearsal last for the capitol for a fireworks, one of biggest events in our area. ofumber will be a
5:46 am
permits. -- parades. casey anthony could face the penalty, if convicted of killing her daughter. it's in lands of the jury. the jury.f >> now a tour of the pentagon with john hendren. >> if it is a fortress city. >> be to think of it as a small economy. >> the world's largest low-rise building, one that the leaders, neverry dinner or dryfor cleaning. there is the drug store and a barbershop that this man overseas. >> military-style haircut. donuts sold million
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here every year. under 25,000 employees. each one has to eat 40 of these. there's a best buy, several stores, and a post dmv.e and a virginia no lines, but after have wannabes. these.r have one of when the russians turned their decades on the pentagon ago, they set the record and its four right there. from two credit bank. and a you can purchase a valentine s. it's handy for other holidays as well. there is one of benefit to .orking here on the fourth of july, the best
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washington to watch the .ireworks is right here it's hardly compensation for stores in iraq, but if you return here, membership does have its privileges. nbc news, from the pentagon. congress will have a short year.e july recess this the house and senate will return .o they will try to reach a deal would cut spending in increasing the nation's borrowing limit. congress must act by august 2 or u.s. could default on its debts for the first time ever. minnesota residents are feel the effects of a state government shut down. state parks are closed. services were suspended and state workers after theoff democratic governor and republican leaders could not a $5sen how t billion budget gap. the republican presidential
5:49 am
field is getting a little crowded. a michigan congressman, thaddeus ccotter. he played his guitar at a celebration. say that he has a long shot at the race. announcing his candidacy, and other republican were hitting the campaign trail. minnesota congresswoman michelle number of stops in iowa, including ad asserts. utah governor jon huntsman spent the weekend hampshire. in new >> i was doing it the good old fashioned way. g out and meeting people. spend the day in michellehire while will campaign elsewhere. janet jackson is opening up the first time about her virtual duet with her brother michael.
5:50 am
t day villiers after his death. performed the iconic song "scream"in london. she said it felt great listening to his voice. >> i that that was quite a performance. 5:50, 4 check on weather and traffic. the minds ofs on everybody for the fourth of july. >> i cannot remember a report of not have we did storms developing in the afternoon. usually they cleared away in the fireworks display. >> evacuation on the national yesterday. >> we could have that issue again today. safest in a building or car.
5:51 am
lightning will be the biggest afternoon with strong wind. garden variety storms could bring lightning. lightning is dangerous. this is a look at the base, some clearing in the skies. take a look at some of the totals, a series of storms yesterday. teddy stays in montgomery county, 1.8. adelphi, 1.6. arlington, 1.3. paul's church, over 1 inch of rain yesterday. falls church. olney.ool 68 degrees in waldorf, 69. morning clouds are pushing south the metro area. anticipated gray skies to start the day. clearing off to the northwest, pushing towards the metro. there is a collaborative energy midwest. it to us today g with a weak frontal
5:52 am
boundary. both of those combined will not develop scattered storms as as 3:00 p.m. and thereafter around sunset we will still have a lingering storms. sunset is when people get for the fireworks. isolated chance of storms cannot be ruled out. that would bee of south of the metro. near 80 degrees downtown at fireworks time. a little less humid tomorrow. upper 80's with a sunshine tomorrow. wednesday through friday, a chance of storms every in the lowhighs 90's. go to for the interactive seven-day forecast interactive radar. let's go to beverly now. problem northbound on 95. springfield, headlights are expenorthbound.
5:53 am
scales coming out dumphries, there is debris on possibly a vehicle the roadway. police are checking on that. movingout of dale city south. 66 in manassas and towards the beltway looking normal. ballston, like traffic on 66 making your way toward the roosevelt bridge. open on theg is beltway in maryland. no problems of alcohol petitor'' silver spring. the alta is normal in bethesda road -- olesville loop is normal.
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[ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg, where d.c. goes to get away. maybe it's because washington d.c. loves the legendary coasters. or that your entire family will have fun, ev the little ones. it could be that water country usa has more of the waves, slides and rides everyone wants. so plan your getaway and come play. you never know who you'll run into. get started at
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welcome back. 5:56. here's a quick look at what is trending. how to navigate the national mall for a glimpse of the fourth festivities. holds for former imf steve dominique strauss- kahn. d amazing 3d photographs of the titanic. thethe fbi is joining investigation for arlington cemetery. >> hundreds of discrepancies
5:57 am
maps andl gravesides. remains were human in a single grave. held aone is responsible, there will not be charged because it's not a crime. >> you have potentially millions of family members that now have e back of theirh whether their father daughter is buried where they are supposed to be. >> the army has appointed new administrators at arlington. investigators are looking into anyone made improper reservations or committed contract fraud. >> a lot of people will be watching that. we have a lot more to come in the next hour or. "transformers 3." >> powerful storms in our area yesterday. jummy olabanji in arlington.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> coming up, deadly storms causingre region, damage, leaving thousands in the dark. >> the jury will soon decide whether casey anthony murdered .er daughter >> america's birth

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